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Healing Play Session Training Course

Healing Play Session Training Course 11, September to 21st, September 20 teachers from Panaga staff, volunteers and Zalal Org. got trained on doing healing play sessions for kids aging between 5 and 13. 50 kids were involved in the program. The first five days were inside class for teachers and volunteers. During those days the […]

International’s Education Teacher and Principle Training

One of ten best American School Principal, Dr. Stephen Swymer selected by U.S. Department of Education visited Panaga for a week sharing his knowledge with local teachers and school leaders! Dr. Stephen Swymer taught about what successful teachers have in common. He said and I quote “A good teacher teaches from his mind but a […]

Pop – Up Old Shekhidre

In 22 of Dec, we started our new Pop up School in one of the outskirt village called Shekhidre where 60 IDP’s family live in uncompleted buildings and tents. The Pop up will be one day per a week for two months in which the kids will have English lessons, hygiene lessons, art lessons, explores […]


Panaga Organization

Panaga is an independent, locally run, non-profit, and non-governmental organization that works to develop and provide educational service in KRG in general, in Duhok governorate particularly. The NGO aims to provide resources, humanitarian aid and education service to IDPs mainly and host community in KRG. The organization also works to respond to urgent situation in the region as well as working to develop education sector via education entities, schools and teachers. Together we create chances, we break down barriers. We do education programs for children and youth, community and cultural events where kids and youth interest and talents are supported and encouraged. Panaga started as a part of EDGE Institute, an international American organization based in Washington DC in June, 2016. After with the efforts of educational program manager, Zirak Hameed and a dedicated local staff, Panaga started to operate as a local independent organization in July, 2018.

Our vision

Panaga (Haven in English) is an educational organization to serve displaced, poor and marginalized people through education and providing resources. Panaga tries to enable communities to progress through creating chances and building hope for a better future.

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