Trauma Therapy Project Session 3

Trauma Therapy Project Session 3

In 1/9/2018 we as Panaga organization visited Shariya and Kalabadra old village to register kids name for the Trauma Therapy Project, our target was 50 kids who have cases like ( survivor, orphans, or have any immediate family member hold in ISIS captivity)

The kids were living difficult circumstance

1-    Extreme poverty.

2-   Difficulty to provide for their daily needs

3-   Lack of care, attention and love

The project duration is three months, the children will be provided with programs in the arts (tactile, language, performing) and psychosocial support to help address issues of trauma resulting from the conflict in Iraq. The art therapy course for the first month is focus on visual arts. Children will learn different styles of art including drawing, painting, and handcraft. For the second month, the focus is on drama, the kids will learn the principle of acting and preforming play and dances. The last month is focus on music, those kids who have good voice will be taught to sing songs, and the other will learn the skills of writing poems. Plus the kids will have fun and educational activities such as Language skills (Kurdish, English), Exploration (discovery method science, math, and social studies), Health and Fitness, Literacy, telling stories, Games and Character development. A part of program is also to do group and  individual session with kids. Besides psychologists are visiting kids family to have more information about how they can help the kid. During the program the kids will have trip to Lalish temple. At the end of the program the kids will have community event in which the kids will perform their art works, plays, dances , songs and poems.

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