Panaga (Haven in English) is an educational organization to serve displaced, poor and marginalized people through education and providing resources. Panaga tries to enable communities to progress through creating chances and building hope for a better future.

We have seen, gone through and endured many tragedies. We have survived 74 genocides; we have fled into caves and lived under bridges. We have been living in tents bearing summer heat and winter cold. We have been torn apart between leaving and staying on our own land. Nevertheless, we have been taught by kids who have lost everything to war but still smile at a chance for a better future., We have had classes in tents, on mountain sides and in building skeletons, and we have climbed and walked distances to bring smiles to some kids. Between leaving the country and staying, we have chosen education.

Along the way we have been on the search for a few key things:  resiliency, empowerment and hope. 

In a region that is torn up by wars that are increasingly pouring darkness, despair, and a perpetual victimhood, we feel compelled to fight for something different.

As we have experienced the bitterness of life and inhumanity of humans, survived and  have had our own stories in every corner, we have found that we are the only key to our problems that we have chosen education to open locked doors.

  • Education enlightens minds that help to resist and dispel the darkness that communities feel descending on them. Resiliency
  • Education provides people that they were worth imagining something bigger than themselves and chasing it. Education gave them the resources, power and the motivation to do so. Empowerment
  • Education offered a perspective that looked to future change and success rather than current problems. hope

As we become convinced of the power of education in bringing resiliency, empowerment and hope to a student, we see it connect to their family. When we see a family empowered, we see it reach to the community. When we see communities empowered, we believe change would come to hurting or forgotten places. 

We are a group of Yazidi youth, we are here to promote and provide education that leads to effective engagement across regional borders. We work to create chances, make hope and enlighten dark paths. 

We champion kids because we see them as the future generation, we notice the direct correlation to changing trajectories, empowering families, and building communities.

We are a dedicated to help people in need no matter who they are and where they come from. We have been supported and encouraged by those who we worked with. We intend to be change makers by providing quality educational opportunities for kids, youth, teachers, and schools around the region. 

That’s what we do.

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