Today as I was waiting a taxi to take me to Duhok, the rain was falling abundantly. The two other passengers and me had to wait for the fourth passenger so each would pay 2000 (1.5$) to the taxi driver to take us downtown. While waiting, I would often come out of the taxi station and put my face to the rain. I was enjoying all the bless falling from the sky. As I was enjoying the rain drops and feeling the sensation of all the blessings, a woman with four young children stole my vision. She was carrying a little girl on her shoulder. Behind her were three other little girls. They were wearing very thin non-wintrily clothes as the rain was streaming over their faces. Their hair was completely wet. The mud was all over the kids shoes and pants. The mother was rushing up toward her home. The little girls were trying to catch up with her. At the very back was a little girl with a pair of sock on and the other pair was half way through her feet, she was singing and jogging to get to her mom. Her half way through sock was going up and down as she was taking tiny little steps. She seemed to be inattentive of the weather condition, and completely enjoying her time.

The moment caught me. I told to myself that I got to offer them some help. I went after them. In the time, I was following them home, spots of mud got all over my shoes and back of my jeans. I saw them going to a tent mostly made of nylon. The streams of water were flowing all around the house. They had some flat rocks at the front door to avoid mud. The soil was all around the tents so that the water can’t ooze into them. Two young men were cleaning up their jeans and shoes as I greeted them. They soon invited me in. At the front door of their bedroom, I saw a pot catching drops of rain from the floor. I could hear another little baby girl crying. The little kids were trembling of coldness. Then I asked them if they would like to come to the center and pick the children some clothes which we were donated by some dear friends. Everybody got excited. I could feel all the gratitude in their eyes. I took permission to take some picture so I would be able to pass on their story and let people know how it looks to be a refugee inside your own country. Then it could be a tiny glimpse of their story of struggle and survival.

Every kid got a pair of shoes, a sweater and tracksuit or jeans. They were very happy, so was I and I am sure you are too now.

Finally, I left the center to catch the taxi. I saw that the taxi and the two other passengers had already left the station. So I had to wait till three other passengers show up. I got a bit late for my work, but I was really happy thinking all the way of those kids who are warm now.

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